(but may be forgetting)

The HBO Now home screen is mostly promos at the top for that stuff that I haven’t shown an interest in.
When I log into HBO Now I am presented with a bunch of promos for stuff I can’t even watch yet that HBO has no idea if I would even like. An occasional promo for upcoming shows may be okay, but why so is much of it at the top of the home screen?

This is the area where we do our daily demos. It’s starting to get a bit cramped with upwards of 15 people attending each day, but the couch and comfy chairs help. We have a TV, a laptop, an Apple TV for AirPlay, a Google Jamboard for fancy white boarding, and some other tools to allow us to show off our work, sketch up other ideas, and to make it easy for remote employees to join in.

Patrick Thornton

Vice President, UX & Design at FiscalNote. Director of FN Labs. Professor of user-centered design at University of Maryland. Building a better designed world.

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